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The V-Card

Vassar has a one-card identification card system. The V-Card lets you into your dorm; serves as your library card; laundry card; Meal Plan card; V-Cash account as well as your V-Print account. Each student will also get funds to spend each semester at participating Arlington restaurants.  This account is separate from your Meal Plan and V-Cash account on your V-Card and is called ‘Arlington Bucks’. When visiting any off-campus participating merchant, these funds will be automatically used first when paying with your V-Card. Once the $100 in Arlington Bucks has been depleted, then any off-campus merchant purchases will default to the funds in your V-Cash account.

First-year students receive their V-Card during New Student Orientation. It is their key to the residence houses. It can also be used to purchase books and other items at the Vassar College Store using V-Cash.

The V-Card also carries the meal plan account; a meal plan is required for every student. Specifics about the meal plan can be found at the Dining website.

The V-Cash account is on your V-Card as well, which is also a prepaid account; this account is used for laundry machines in the dorms, the copiers and printers across campus (when your V-Print quota runs out), vending machines, purchases at the Computer Store and Vassar College Store, 20 participating local off-campus businesses, as well as any eatery on campus.

V-Cash can be deposited either online (using Visa, Mastercard or American Express) or by going to the Service Desk (located in College Center) during the first month of every semester and charging V-Cash home to your student bill.

The V-Card carries a V-Print account, credited once per semester with $32.50 (the equivalent of 650 prints) at no charge to you. If you exceed this limit the system will automatically start deducting from your V-Cash account for printing.

For more information or for a list of the participating businesses off-campus, please visit the Card Office website.