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Registration for Courses

During the summer, you will pre-register for three of your fall 2019 classes by using the electronic pre-registration form, which can be found on the New Students website. In order to complete this form, you will need to consult:

Submit the pre-registration form electronically as soon as possible, and no later than July 19. Please be sure to pay careful attention to the information given on the Schedule of Classes Information Pages, available as a link from the online schedule of classes.

The procedures for enrolling in your fall semester classes are as follows:

1. Summer Pre-registration

Over the summer, you will pre-register for three of your academic classes. Once you arrive on campus for New Student Orientation, you will complete your schedule with the help of your faculty advisor. In Part I of the summer pre-registration form, list your first choice for a First-Year Writing Seminar, as well as three alternate First-Year Writing Seminars in case your first choice is unavailable. Please choose only courses being offered in the fall. In Part II, list other courses you would like to take, in order of preference. You may list as many courses as you like in this section. By the end of summer pre-registration, most first-year students will be enrolled in a First-Year Writing Seminar and two additional one unit courses (or 1.5 units if electing elementary Chinese or Japanese). If there are no seats available in any of the First-Year Writing Seminars you have selected, the Registrar will attempt to place you in three of the courses listed on Part II of the pre-registration form. You will receive notification of the results of pre-registration during New Student Orientation.


2. Registration during Orientation

As indicated on the orientation schedule, there are a number of events planned to help you complete your class schedule. On Tuesday, August 27, you will meet with your faculty advisor in small groups to discuss your course selections. On Wednesday, August 28, faculty will give research presentations and departments and programs will hold receptions. On Thursday morning, August 29, you will be able to consult with any department or program about appropriate course selections including advanced course placement or special permission. There will be special advising sessions devoted to pre-law, pre-health, teacher certification, English, art, and math and sciences. Thursday afternoon has been set aside for you to meet individually with your faculty advisor. After gathering the necessary information and making additions and revisions to your course selections, all first-year students will officially register for fall courses on Friday, August 30.


3. Add Period (through September 10)

Once classes begin, you may continue to add courses, up to a maximum of 4.5 units, to your schedule until Tuesday, September 10. Students need both their instructor’s and their advisor’s permission to add a class during the add period. Under no circumstances are first-semester first-year students granted permission to exceed 4.5 units. All students must be registered for the minimum of 3.5 units by September 10.


4. Drop Period (through October 18)

Students may drop courses (but not below 3.5 units) with their advisor’s approval until Friday, October 18. A copy of your final registration will be available online at Vassar’s website via Ask Banner for your viewing after October 18. Be sure to review it carefully and report any errors to the Registrar’s Office immediately. You will be held responsible for all courses listed on this schedule and will not receive credit for any course or section in which you are not officially enrolled.