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Yearlong Courses

Most courses open to first-year students are semester-long classes, with “a” courses offered in the fall, “b” courses in the spring. All elementary foreign language courses, however, are yearlong (for example, French 105-106). As with all “hyphen” courses, you must successfully complete the second semester to receive credit for the first. Another yearlong course open to first-year students is Art 102-103. Yearlong courses are designated with a YL in the schedule of classes. “Slash” courses are year-long sequences; while you must take the first semester to qualify for the second, you do not need to take the second to receive credit for the first: an example of this is Music 105/106. Students who fail the first semester of a “slash” course may not enroll in the second semester without permission from the department chair.

Please note that some yearlong courses are “provisionally graded.” This means that, in the words of the catalogue, “the final grade received at the end of the year automatically becomes the grade that will be recorded on the student’s transcript for both the first and the second semester.” Italian 105-106, for example, is provisionally graded; if a student receives a C in the first semester and an A in the second, two credits of A will appear on that student’s transcript at the end of the first year. A student who elects to take a provisionally graded course under the non-recorded option must take both semesters on this basis. Provisionally graded courses are marked in the schedule of classes with a PR.